About The Bump & Company

Welcome to The Bump & Company, LLC!

We are a local storefront and online Maternity & Baby Clothing Boutique! 

A little background on how we were discovered! December of 2017 I found out I was expecting for my first born. My mom, partner in this business, was so excited and immediately took me shopping for maternity clothes. We had the fake pregnancy belly and all! It was an absolute blast and good to do even tho it was early. She wasn’t lying when she said I’d wake up one day and nothing would fit. 

My boys are now 3 & 2 and I know lots of pregnant friends and family! Unfortunately, the place that I went to try on and purchase maternity clothes has since closed down and there aren’t many places to try on maternity clothes. So We decided to open a boutique in my hometown. A place for women to shop for day to day clothes and work clothes. Or even an outfit for a special event!! 

On the other hand, it’s also hard to find baby clothes in the River Parishes. Therefore, we decided to combine that and also offer baby clothes and specialty items for kids!